• Screw Chiller In Glycol

    LSVLGF Series of VI Open Type Screw Chiller in Glycol 1.Scope 2.Cooling Capacity Air Conditioning Condition 548~1966kW Ice Making Condition 328~1155kW 3.Function and Application The units primarily supply cold source to central air conditioning system and ice thermal storage air conditioning system, workshop low temp system and production process low temp water system etc. And widely apply in offi ce building, restaurant, shopping mall, hospital, food processing plant, beer plant, chemical plant, machinery plant etc.

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  • Glycol Air Cooler

    Scope Refrigeration Capacity 11.50~83.90KW (Cooling Capacity (low temperature Glycol air cooler) Refrigeration Capacity 5.79~51.20KW (Cooling Capacity (low temperature Glycol air cooler) Application Glycol air coolers are widely used in all kinds of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other food industry processing plant, ante-room, and cold storage,etc.

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