TSC Ice Thermal Bank Coil

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TSC Ice Thermal Bank Coil
  • Bingshan
  • China
  • 60-90days
  • 3000 set/year

Single Ice Thermal Storage Capacity 92~761TH
Function and Application
Commercial and civil building air conditioning projects
Large district cooling projects
Industrial refrigeration
Food and beverage processing
Power generation project
Large data centers

TSC Ice Thermal Bank Coil

 Product Feature

Ø Structure Advantage:

*Steel coil, new variable-spacing design, low energy transmission consumption, all these features effectively reduce the harm taken by over ice making and ensure the  stability of outlet temperature.

*Complete frozen ice thermal storage coil realize balancing ice melting speed and take 100% ice.

*Serpentine steel coil ensure heat transfer inside the tube turbulently and effectively.

*Reverse heat transfer and layout as triangle, these unique structure realize maximum unit ice thermal storage capacity.

Ø Data Authentication Advantages:

*Excellent performance of ice melting and ice making has passed oak Ridge  *National Laboratory authentication and been showed in the international website.

*BAC ice thermal storage equipment selection software is strictly written according to AHRI Guideline T.

*LEED is the most perfect and Infl uential international green building assessment system. “Load transfer” of ice thermal storage system became important points for LEED certifi cation. Among multiple China projects of BAC that have received LEED certifi cation, dow chemical research and development center and Hua Neng Union Tower obtained gold award.

Ø Running Life Advantages:

*The unique structure advantages can prevent excessive ice making from the hurt to the coil.

*Strictly manufacturing technical process greatly improves coil leakage possibility.

*Adopt overall hot dip galvanized technology to enhance corrosion resistance.

*Normal running life is over 20years. But up to now, many customers have applied the units over 30years.

n System Application Advantage

Ø Balance power grid valley-to-peak, improve generator effi ciency, save energy and investment for newly-built power plant and storage power station.

Ø Reduce the use amount of refrigerant (glycol) .

Ø Ice melting outlet temp is low and stable. Precise selection report can be perfect proper to automation control.

Ø Improve installed power and capacity of refrigeration host and cooling tower to reduce corresponding power equipment investment, machine room space and increase system running reliability as well.

Ø The inner ice melting equipment and external ice melting equipment are optional and make ice thermal storage system application more fl exible in large temperature difference design, large district refrigeration station, low temp air supply system, refrigeration host upstream cascade system and high building cooling water partitional supply system etc.

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